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SailMail Application for Membership or Renewal

Please do not submit an application if your vessel is commercial,  if you do not have a callsign,  if your callsign is expired, or if your callsign is a ham callsign.  In any of these cases we will not be able to complete your registration.

If your vessel is registered in the US, make sure your FCC callsign is current, and that your “Generic Ship Class” is “PL” for Pleasure.  You can check at

If you are a US registered vessel and do not yet have your FCC callsign or need to renew it, you can easily apply online at the website.

If registered in another country, make sure your callsign has the correct prefix for the country of your vessel’s registration.  You can check at

When you have confirmed that you have a proper marine callsign from the country of your vessel’s registration, click below to register.

Click Here to go to the SailMail Secure Online Application form