Pac Cup 2022 Special!

SailMail is a terrific option for Iridium GO, handsets, or other satellite systems. Low-speed internet is still low speed, with most of the same issues that we addressed 24 years ago with the launch of Sailmail for the 1998 Pacific Cup. It was free back then, we’re making an offer now that is almost free.

Sailmail offers integrated email and weather from our Saildocs server, compression and secure connections, as well as position reporting to friends and family. Sailmail is a certified app for the iridium GO, and our Airmail software can automatically connect hourly or whatever and collect weather while you sail the boat. For both the GO and Iridium handsets, we protect your airtime against software updates mid-ocean. For incoming mail, we filter large attachments, malicious emails, and spam.

A great side benefit of being a SailMail member is access to our GFS global weather archives, going back to 2004. Just browse past weather or challenge your favorite routing software, we’ve got the data.

We are offering PacCup racers special membership pricing for this year’s race. Join now for only $59 and use SailMail through August 31, 2022. This will get you to Kaneohe (and hopefully back!).

To take advantage of this offer please click here (

And if you are also using HF radio then click here for full membership:

Sail fast, sail smart, and above all, be safe.