Jim Corenman and Stan Honey started development on the technology that became SailMail in 1996, and founded the SailMail Association in 1998.

jim corenman


The SailMail system was initially set up for their own use and the use of their friends.  The initial station was installed in Sally



Lindsay Honey’s sail loft, Spinnaker Shop, in Palo Alto.

Interest spread rapidly in the cruising and offshore racing community, with many requests for more stations, support of satellite technology and other technology enhancements.



SailMail now supports communications via all satellite services including Iridium Go!, Iridium handsets, all Inmarsat terminals, and via internet access of any kind.   In addition to supporting all satellite and terrestrial communications systems over SailMail, the Association maintains a network of 18 HF SSB radio stations around the



world providing world wide communcations for those using Pactor modems via marine SSB.  The companion Saildocs server supports widespread free access to grib weather files for all mariners, not just SailMail members.




Beyond Stan and Jim, staff and directors include Sally Lindsay Honey, Jolaine Boynton, Sue Corenman, Steve Chamberlin, and Shea Weston.  Jo, Sue, and Sally provide membership and administrative services.  Shea provides technical support and maintains the SailMail HF stations.

Some have asked what motivated us to develop and run SailMail, and how do we know what cruisers might want?  The Corenman’s are long



time cruisers and racers, have done multiple Hawaii races and have circumnavigated on their beautiful Schumacher sloop, Heart of Gold.  Jim is a widely experienced electrical engineer.  Sally and Stan are stop-and-go cruising on their Cal40 Illusion, currently in the Sea of Cortez.  Sally is a career sailmaker and two-time yachtswoman of the year for the US.  Stan is an electrical engineer and professional navigator, has circumnavigated twice, has been US yachtsman of the year once, and is in the  sailing hall of fame for the US.  Steve has cruised widely throughout the Pacific in his Schumacher



sloop, Surprise, has done numerous Pacific Cup’s and is currently very active running the Pacific Cup Yacht Club.  Shea has made a career of marine electronics, focusing on the needs of sailboats, and has circumnavigated with his family.  Jo keeps us all in line.  Jo  has been office manager for sailmakers for decades.