SailMail via Web

Access to your SailMail messages via the Web

Press Here to access your SailMail messages via the Web.

Note, if the computer that you use for SailMail has access to the internet, then when running the AirMail program, just press the “internet” button which looks like a lightning bolt on the top of the message index window.  Then press the “connect” button that looks like a green ball.  All of your SailMail messages will be transferred just as if you had a very fast satellite or radio connection.  This uses none of your SailMail connect time.  This approach works perfectly using any form of access to the internet, e.g. Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, WiFi, Thuraya, or cellular data networks.  This approach is convenient because all of your email ends up in your AirMail folders just as if you had downloaded the messages via satellite or radio when on your boat.  Members who either take their boat laptop ashore to get internet access, or who get internet access in harbor via WiFi or cellular networks often find that this the most convenient way to get their SailMail messages.  If you have been away from your boat for a while, this is a great way to download all of the accumulated messages before you get onboard and have to download them using your SailMail connect time.

If you have to use somebody else’s computer or use a public computer in an internet cafe, and you would like to read (and delete) the SailMail messages that you have queued for you at SailMail via the Web, you can do so via a web based mail reader.   You can delete  email messages via any Web based mail readers.  This will avoid you having to waste radio connect-time downloading old messages when you access the SailMail system via radio from your boat.

If you have been away from your boat for a while, it is a very good idea to access your account using inexpensive internet access and either download all your messages to AirMail or delete all of the old messages using webmail.

Our current recommendation for an easy to use service is:   It provides a simple way to read your messages, reply, forward, or delete them.  You will need to enter your SailMail email address without the “”, and you will need to know your SailMail Password that was provided to you with your welcome message.

Another choice for a simple web based mail reader is   To use it you need to enter your complete SailMail email address, including the “”, and you need to know your SailMail Password that was provided to you with your welcome message.


Be aware that some computers will store your login and password, so if you are using a public computer to check your email, be sure to check the web browser settings and confirm that it is not storing your personal data.

For Internet Explorer the instructions for the current versions are as follows.  You may need to poke around a bit to sort it out for other browsers and other versions of Internet Explorer.

Open Tools, Internet-options, Content tab. At the bottom is “Personal Information”, click the “Auto-complete” button. That opens “Autocomplete settings” which is the problemh. Un-check all of that (notice the “save usernames and passwords”?), then click both buttons under “Clear Forms” and “Clear Passwords”. (Don’t worry about the note below which talks about clearing web-addresses, that is not an issue).   If when you are using a public computer, if it ever asks you to remember a password, obviously you want to select “NO”.