Membership: costs and application


  • All users of the SailMail service must join the SailMail Association in order to use the system.   The SailMail Association pro-rates the expenses for the system among the members of the Association.    The current membership assessment is $275 per vessel, per year.  This membership fee is adjusted from time to time to cover costs as the number of members and the cost of SailMail system operation vary.
  • There is no fee for SailMail messages and no limit on the number of messages sent via SailMail although members pay separately for their satellite time or for other internet access.  For SSB users, there is no connect-time fee for the use of SailMail’s radio stations, although members who use SSB must limit their usage of the SailMail radio stations to 90 minutes per week.
  • The $275 membership fee covers membership for one year from the date that the membership fee is received.  Memberships are only available for one year periods.

How do I sign up or renew my membership?

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of the SailMail Association.
  2. If you intend to use the SSB stations, download and print  copies of the FCC Licenses for the US SailMail stations, and keep the copies aboard.  While you are at it download and print a copy of this website and keep it aboard  for reference.
  3. Go to the Application Form on this website and follow the instructions.
  4. When your account is set up or renewed, you will receive a confirming email to your internet email address and to your SailMail address.  This can take up to a week; often shorter when things work out.  Do not leave registration or renewal until the last minute.  It is easier to install and test your communications gear when your registration is already complete and you can immediately test your system.
  5. If you are renewing, there is no advantage in waiting until the last minute.  Your membership will be extended for one year from the time that it would have otherwise expired.