Accessing SailMail messages via a normal email program, e.g. Outlook via POP3

To access messages posted to your SailMail account via a normal
internet email program (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora,
Netscape), use the following settings:

The POP3 server name is:
POP3 Port: 110 (standard)

Your POP3 User Name is your marine callsign ONLY, without
“” appended to it.

Your POP3 User Password is your vessel name EXACTLY as it appeared in
your “Welcome to SailMail” email. If you have a tricky vessel
name with punctuation, spaces, or Roman numerals, it was modified for
use as a password when you were registered. Punctuation was removed,
spaces were removed, and Roman numerals were changed to Arabic
numerals. If you have lost your “Welcome to SailMail” message in
which it was provided to you, and you can’t figure it out, you can
send an email to asking for your pop3 password.


IF you use a non-standard email program, such as AOL, OR if you
are not sure how to set up a new POP3 account in your email
program, then you can use any web-email service which allows
fetching mail from a POP account.

Hotmail can fetch POP3 mail (the “POPmail” feature) but starting
July 16 this service will only be available as part of the $20
“extra storeage” option.
Yahoo mail ( offers free email including fetching
POP3 mail, as does POPmail (

The following instructions are for Hotmail, others are similar:
Go to via any internet browser, set up an
account (free), and follow the instructions there, under
“Options” and then “POP Mail Retrieval Settings” to set up
Hotmail to read from SailMail’s POP3 server.

Enter the POP Server Name (see above)
Enter your POP User Name (see above)
Enter your POP User Password (see above)
Leave the Server Timeout at 90 seconds
Leave the Port Number at 110
UNCHECK the “Leave messages on POP server” box
UNCHECK the “Download new messages only” box

Once you have HotMail set up for the SailMail POP3 server,
retrieve your email by just clicking “POP Mail” under “Hotmail

All teenagers know how to set up HotMail if you get stuck.


If you are using the same computer that you use onboard to run AirMail, you might prefer to retrieve your SailMail messages by connecting your laptop
to the internet by dialup (or lan).  The virtue of this
approach is that all of your messages end up in the same place,
in AirMail’s folders.  Details on this approach are in this post.


For sending mail, you can use the SMTP (outgoing mail) server
associated with whatever internet access you are using.
If you need to use SailMail’s SMTP server for outgoing messages when
you have internet access, either from a regular mail program
(e.g. Outlook) or from AirMail3, the settings are:

SMTP server name:
SMTP Port: 2525 (non-standard, for security)
Login name: (your Sailmail callsign, same as above)
SMTP password: (your Sailmail password, same as above)

Note that SailMail’s SMTP server requires Authentication with a
Login Name and Password. Email clients (e.g. Outlook or
Outlook Express) can be configured for a smtp accountname and
password by checking the box (in Tools/Accounts/Properties/Servers)
that says that “My SMTP server requires authentication”, clicking
the “settings” button, and then filling in the above accountname
\and password.
Check “Remember password” if you do not want to have to enter the
accountname and password with each connection.