Accessing SailMail messages via a normal email program, e.g. Outlook via POP3

You can access your SailMail account via normal POP3/SMTP email connections from any email client program such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Airmail can also connect via POP3/SMTP from its Mail Client window, although for low-speed satellite connections you would want to use the Internet/Satellite Gateway client window.

You can also retrieve your SailMail messages into another email account such as Gmail,, etc.– see below for details.

Generally, the only information needed for setup is your SailMail address.

If that seems too simple, here are the details.
Netscape), use the following settings:

For incoming mail:

  • The incoming POP3 mail server is
  • The POP3 port is 995 (secure) or 110 (standard)
  • Your POP3 username is your Sailmail address or just the name-part (before the “@”)
  • Your POP3 password is your SailMail password, included in your “Welcome” message– same as used for any access to SailMail.
  • The connection can be secure (SSL/TLS) or not, as you prefer.

For outgoing mail:

  • The outgoing SMTP mail server is
  • the SMTP port is 465 or 587 (secure) or 2525 (non-standard, not secure)
  • Your SMTP username and password are the same as for incoming POP3 email.
  • The connection can be secure (SSL/TLS) or not, as you prefer.

Most email apps and programs will figure this out if you simply provide your SailMail address and password. And Airmail will be pre-configured for POP3/SMTP connections to SailMail.

You can also retrieve messages from SailMail into most web-based email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. Again, the only info you usually need is your SailMail address but the info above applies here also.

For replying to an email that was sent to SailMail and retrieved into another account such as Gmail, you can send the reply using Gmail’s outgoing mail server (for example) or use SailMail’s outgoing SMTP mail server with the info above.

In some cases, a premium (i.e. paid) service is needed in order to fetch mail from another account. This is not the case for Gmail.

For Gmail, here is how to set up message retrieval:

  • Find the settings button (gear icon, upper-right), then “Settings”.
  • Click “Accounts and Import”
  • Find “Check mail from other accounts”, click on “Add a mail account”.
  • Enter your complete SailMail email address, click Next
  • Select “Import emails from my other account (POP3), click Next
  • Enter your SailMail password
  • If you want to original to remain in SailMail mailserver for retrieval via radio for example, check “Leave a copy or retrieved message on server”.
  • Click “Add account”

Other email systems will be similar. The important things to remember are that your login username can be your SailMail address or just the name-part (before the “@”), the mail servers are and, and connections can be secure (recommended) or not.