Addressing and Sending Messages

To Send a Message:

In the Message Index Window click the “Format a New Message” Button.
You will see the Address Book, if there is no entry for your recipient, click “New” and then fill out the form, setting “Email Gate” to EMAIL, and “Post Via” to SAILMAIL. Click OK.
In your message, make sure that “Email Gate” is set to EMAIL. and “Post Via” is set to SAILMAIL.  (NEXUS also works ok for “Email Gate”.)
Put only one internet address on the To: line (replacing any template chatter).
You can put multiple internet addresses on the cc: line, with each address separated by a COMMA.
Type your message into the window below the subject line.
To post the message, click the Post Box button (Post the current message).
To send the message, go to the Terminal Window (press the blue globe button), check that the “handshake” button is pushed in,  LISTEN, and if the frequency is clear, click the green button.
Remember that all internet addresses contain exactly one “@” sign, contain no spaces, and have at least one “.” to the right of the @ sign.  Carefully check your To: and CC: addresses.

Messages sent from the internet to your boat should be addressed:
Where CALLSIGN  is your boat’s marine callsign which should look something like WXY1234
Encourage your correspondents to carefully address their email to you.  If they send email to your SailMail address and they incorrectly type your callsign, they may not receive a “bounce” message, depending on their typo.