AirMail and Viewfax software

This is the download page for Sailmail’s Airmail client program for SailMail. Airmail is compatible with all Windows versions from XP onward including Windows-11, both 32 and 64-bit versions. Airmail also runs well on Intel-based Mac’s using ParallelsVMwareVirtualBox, etc, and on Linux under WINE (with some difficulties, not really recommended). Supported modems include the SCS PTC-II-family and “Dragon” modems plus most Pactor-1 modems.

Airmail is a single installation file that includes everything needed: Airmail and its Viewfax weather companion, the “Icepac” propagation software, and USB drivers for the SCS modems. 

Updating: Your current Airmail installation can be updated in the same way as a new installation– download and install the latest version. Your settings and messages will not be disturbed. To update a Winlink version to also support Sailmail, download and install the same Airmail version from this page and install it into the same folder. Click Here for additional notes on using Airmail with both Sailmail and Winlink.

Airmail 3.5: Click Here to download Airmail ver 3.5.054 (about 48MB).

Sailmail is a certified application for the Iridium GO! and Airmail ver 3.5 adds support for this device, as well as a new “Dedicated Route” function to solve the problem of other applications jumping on an open sat-phone connection. This version also adds full support for the SCS Pactor-4 “Dragon” modems, and includes an updated Viewfax grib and image viewer is also included. See the included release-notes for details.

Click here for a short video of installing Airmail software for Sailmail and connecting via the Iridium GO!:

This version also adds support for the new Icom M803 marine HF/SSB radio, fixes some issues, and updates Viewfax to ver 5.2.10.

Click here for the old Airmail downloads page