Frequencies used by SailMail stations

Nearly all members set up AirMail to remotely control their SSB, so they don’t need to set the frequencies themselves.  But if you need to tune your radio yourself, you can download the frequencies supported by each station at:
The frequencies in the “stations” document are the center-frequencies.  If you tune your radio yourself, set it to a carrier or dial frequency that is 1.5 kHz below the  frequency in the table.  For example 10343 kHz is one of the frequencies listed for the Watsonville station.  To use this frequency your radio must be tuned to a carrier frequency of 10341.5 kHz.  AirMail will do this subtraction for you and you will see the frequency to set your radio to displayed along the bottom of your terminal window.  Nearly all members interface their radio for remote control so AirMail sets the radio for you.

If you want your AirMail software onboard to automatically updates its list of station frequencies, then send an email to   When you receive the response via AirMail, AirMail will update its database.