Troubleshooting Airmail 3.4 Internet settings

Sailmail Internet / Satellite gateway settings were updated in June 2020, click here for info. If you need help with Airmail 3.4 then this page is for you, for Airmail 3.5 click here.

Note that this only applies to satellite or Internet connections using Airmail’s internet/satellite (Telnet) access window. Radio connections, webmail, and pop/smtp email are not affected.

If you have internet access then the best option is to update to Airmail ver 3.5. Airmail 3.5 downloads since May 22, 2020 include the new gateway addresses. If you downloaded previous to that, then do it again– same software, new internet gateway settings. (NOTE: The older Airmail 3.4 download is NOT updated– use ver 3.5).

An important note for sat-phone users: Airmail 3.5 includes a “dedicated route” feature for connecting via satellite, which limits access to Sailmail servers when the connection is open. This means much faster connections because other programs will be blocked from using your satellite connection for automatic updates. This is a huge advantage in terms of airtime usage. This is not available for Airmail 3.4, so if at all possible update to Airmail 3.5.

If updating is not possible, or if you prefer to stick with ver 3.4, then the rest of this is for you:

The default configuration for Airmail 3.4 uses domain names for the server (for example, which do not need updating. Open Airmail’s Internet Access window (yellow “lightning-bolt” button), and check the server selections– default is WRD719 and WHV382. Select WRD719 and click “settings”, if the server is “” then you are all set.

If you see a numeric IP address for “Remote host”, then you can either update the settings as detailed below or delete the current settings and re-open the Internet Access window– which will restore the default settings.

To manually update settings: Open Airmail’s Internet window (yellow “lightning bolt” button) and at the top, will be a selection-box for the available servers. Click the “Delete” button to delete each current setting.

Now click the “New” button, this opens a “Telnet settings” box. Make entries as follows (without the quotes):

  1. The first box is “Remote Callsign”, enter “SMSG1”
  2. The second box is “Remote-Host” enter “”
  3. Next is “Port”, enter “50”
  4. Leave “Timeout (sec)” empty
  5. The “Local Callsign” will show your Sailmail callsign in a gray box– from the Options window.
  6. The “Password” box will show your Sailmail password– also from the Options window.

Click OK, and then click “New” again, and repeat those steps for the second server:
For Remote Callsign enter “SMSG2”, for Remote-Host enter “”, for Port enter “50”.

Click OK, and then click “New” again, and repeat for the backup server:
For Remote Callsign enter “WQAB964”, for Remote-Host enter “”, for Port enter “50”.

Click OK, and you’re done. If you have internet connected to the boat computer (marina wifi, cell-phone hotspot, or via the Iridium) then check each of the selections. Click the green “connect” button, it should connect to the server and check mail without any error.

Also please open Airmail’s Options window (Tools menu), Settings tab, and verify that your Sailmail password is correctly entered in the “System Password” box.

Then select each server in turn (SMSG1, SNSG2, and the backup WQAB964, click the green “Connect” button and verify that is connects without error. This can be via local internet, or your satphone or GO terminal– any internet connection.

If you have any questions, please send a new message to:

Good Sailing, and be safe!