Troubleshooting Internet / Satellite gateway settings

Of the various ways to connect to Sailmail via the internet, using Airmail’s satellite access (internet/telnet window) is by far the most efficient. It is ideal for satellite connections as well as “challenging” marina wifi connections as it supports the same compression, error-checking, and resume functions used for radio connections. This connection also uses static-IP addresses for the gateway connections for speed and security.

The only drawback is that addresses change when we move, and we recently (May-June 2020) upgraded our main servers which changed the IP addresses. We have established separate gateway servers (also with static IP addresses), and posted notices on the old servers and sent update notes to all members.

This only applies to satellite or Internet connections using Airmail’s internet/satellite (Telnet) access window. Radio connections, webmail, and pop/smtp email are not affected.

If you missed it, here is what to do:

  • If you have internet access, click here to go to our download page for Airmail software for Sailmail. Download and install version 3.5 (either the regular release or beta), that will also update your Airmail software and also update the gateway settings (for downloads since May 22, 2020). Do this, if possible, even if you already have Airmail ver 3.5, because it will update the internet settings.
  • If you don’t have internet, or don’t want to update Airmail at this time, then check which version of Airmail software you currently have: Click on the “Help” menu, then select “About”.
    • If you currently have Airmail version 3.5 installed (and downloaded prior to May 22) then click here for the Airmail 3.5 notes.
    • If you currently have Airmail version 3.4 installed then click here for the Airmail 3.4 notes.

And if you just want to check it, then open Airmail’s Internet/satellite window (yellow “lightning bolt” button, select “Server1”, and click the green connect button. It should connect and identify as “SMSG1” (Sailmail SateGate-1). Then select “Server2”, and connect- it should identify as “SMSG2”, and “Backup1” should identify as “WQAB964” (our San Diego station masquerading as a backup gateway). There may be additional entries, ignore those.