Iridium 9555 and 9575/Extreme and Win-10 Drivers

The original Iridium USB drivers for the 9555/9575 handsets were not compatible with Windows-10, resulting in a “blue screen” Windows crash whenever the USB port was opened. It took a long time for updated drivers to become available, in the meantime we created a work-around (details below) which is no longer needed.

A CD that came with a recently-purchased phone will have the correct drivers, or you can download them from Iridium at this website:

There are two downloads on that site, the “Iridium 9555 – USB and Modem Drivers” download is a zip file containing the driver files themselves which can be used with Device Manager’s “update drivers” function. (Save the download file, open WIndows Device Manager from the Windows search box, find the Iridium handset under “Ports”, right-click and select “Update Drivers” then browse to wherever you saved the driver files).

There is also a “Iridium Handsets – USB Driver Installer” download on that Iridium page, which is a driver-installer program which can be run to install the drivers. Download that file, then run (open) that file with the handset disconnected from the computer to install (or re-install) drivers.

Alternately you can download the driver-installer from our website here: Handset USB Driver Installer 6.3.9600.9520.exe  Again, be sure the handset is disconnected from the computer.

If you want to read the Iridium release notes click here: v1.3 – Iridium Handset USB Driver Installer – 6.3.9600.9520.pdf

An important note: We have received reports that Windows-10 update will occasionally overwrite these driver files with versions that won’t crash, but also won’t connect. So be sure to keep a copy of the Iridium drivers or diver-installer, and re-install the Iridium drivers if you encounter this after a Windows update.

If you have already done our previous work-around, then no need to un-do that.  If you installed ver 3.5.041 of our Airmail software and used the driver-checker then again this works fine, but you can re-open  Airmail’s “Check Iridium Driver” (under Tools menu) and click “Reset Driver-Test Mode”.  Also, if you disabled the UEFI “Secure Boot Mode” then you can re-enable that if you want:  From the Windows button click Power, Shift-Restart, Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, UEFI Firmware settings, Restart, “Secure Boot Control”.  Whew!

Once the drivers are installed, go back to the Iridium set-up page to finish the setup.